We’re Clipsake & we’re passionate about telling visual stories.

Hi! I’m Jen Hewitt. I’m part of a family of three who work together to make our dreams happen. Clipsake is my brain-child, but I wouldn’t be able to make it all happen without the support & skill of my husband Simon (who’s handy work can be seen all over this website) & my son Cypress, whose willingness to cooperate is paramount ;)

Together as a family we are huge fans of making, creating and learning. Whether making artwork from old wood and nails, buying a hunk of felled tree and crafting a table or teaching ourselves rudimentary Mandarin for a trip - we’re up for it.

I was inspired after Simon & I threw two wedding celebrations (one in Vancouver & one in the UK) full of personalized DIY touches. Not only were they fun to create, but the time spent with family & friends as they helped us glue, nail, sand & paint created some wicked memories.

We were surprised by the cost of videography & found we could only afford to have one of our big days recorded. The regret that followed was huge. Especially once we saw the video from our first celebration!

After months of research & lots of late night chats, Clipsake was born. A beautiful combination of DIY & professional aspects make event videography affordable, accessible & unique. We decided to make the business 100% online (that’s where Simon comes in) so that no matter where you are in Canada, we can help!

We didn’t stop with event videography. When talking to friends about our business, it became clear that we weren’t the only one with a hard drive & cloud full of short video clips. People have their phones everywhere these days and seem to record everything. Most of them do nothing with it sadly. So, we work with a team of local editors with a goal to make you cry (tears of joy, we’re not animals!) after you see those old clips dusted off & crafted into the story of you.

What’s next? Well, I hope to add very shortly the ability to convert your old VHS & Super 8s to incorporate those into a great video keepsake.

That’s it in a nutshell. I think having video keepsakes of the important days in our lives brings joy, allows us to share joy & if I can make a living spreading joy. Well, then I’m living the dream.

Jen Hewitt

Our Team

Jennifer Hewitt


Cheeky wife. Playful mom. Determined entrepreneur. Admirer and supporter of all things local and creative. DIY enthusiast who loves the wins as much as the laugh out loud fails. Loves cooking almost as much as she loves eating.

Simon Hewitt


Writer of code, Drinker of beer, Wreaker of havoc. New dad & the witty wind beneath Jen's wings! Can be seen doing strange bounce/rock dancing with Cypress in a line-up near you.

Cypress Hewitt


Occasional model, serious drooler, director of chaos. Newly minted roller. Enjoys raspberries almost as much as he enjoys feeling the wind on his big bald head.

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