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How Clipsake Works

Don’t tell them what you do - show them. Clipsake helps makers & creators capture their work with our robot camera. This camera will pan, zoom & record you without a camera operator. You show off your magic behind the scenes & our editing professionals will stitch together your footage into a video perfect to share on your website or Facebook page.
Delivered to You

We send our camera to your home office, studio, workshop or store - anywhere you call work here in Canada!

Filmed by you

We have tips, tricks & style guides which allow you & your staff to shoot beautiful amateur video footage.

Super shareable

Both the 2-3 minute highlight video & the 5 social media friendly clips we will make for you are super easy to share with your customers & fans. We’ll also host your clips online allowing you to share a simple link to the content.

Easy to use

The camera is a breeze to operate - so we spend time with you determining what you want to capture not how.

Edited by us

We take your raw video footage + your supplied logo & apply professional editing techniques to turn rough gem footage into a tightly curated, documentary style video perfect for uploading to your website.

Social media friendly

Because we use royalty free music, you can confidently share your video on any social media channel without fear of copyright infringement.

What's included?

Robot Camera
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  • Includes everything you need (tripod, base, tag & camera)
  • Auto filming - You wear the tag & the camera auto pans, tilts & zooms to keep you in the shot.
  • Simple set-up - Click camera on the base and go
  • Small, lightweight & waterproof - The tag weighs 1.4 oz and measures just 42 x 42 x 15 mm
  • Quality recording - Up To 4K 30fps Video | 12 MP Photos
  • Long lasting battery life - 3.5 hours
  • Quality zoom - 65x Optical Zoom (almost the length of 5 football fields!)
Tips and Support
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  • Ask questions to get a sense of your unique style & business objectives
  • Offer amateur filming tips & creative suggestions
  • Available by email or phone when you need us!
  • Six Social media channels FULL of tips, support & fun ;)
  • Recommend other awesome local vendors on request
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  • We send our robot camera using Canada Post Xpresspost anywhere in Canada
  • The package is tracked & requires an autograph to be dropped off
  • Free shipping to you anywhere in BC & only $30 for the rest of Canada
  • Our cameras & accessories arrive in one compact, waterproof, easy to carry case
  • You will receive our cameras the day before you need it
  • Once you’ve wrapped your shooting that day, simply drop it off off at the nearest Canada Post outlet
  • Once we receive the case, we will send you an email to let you know all is A-OK!
  • We then upload your footage, share the link with you & get started on editing
Professional Editing
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  • Work with you to determine style preference (funny/sombre, light/dramatic etc)
  • Determine any ‘must-haves’
  • Edit up to 2 hours of recorded footage into a tightly crafted super shareable video (approx. 2-4 min) + 5 social media friendly clips
  • Set the video to royalty free music in the genre(s) of your choice
  • Apply titles with dates, names & captions of your choosing
  • Host all of the raw footage + finished video online for one year (share your video with all of your customers by simply sharing the link!)

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