Sample Clipsakes

We invite you to take a look at some of our sample videos below. Each video has been customized from the music to the client’s specific tastes. Our goal is to produce clipsakes that are truly, uniquely and personally you.

Meet Taylor & Clayton!

They met in Vancouver in the summer of 2012. They started dating in the summer of 2013 and got married 28 years to the day that Taylor's parents were married. So that's got to be good luck! Their gorgeous wedding venue was on a family farm in Abbotsford. No rain back-up plan in place, this couple imagined, planned and executed a true outdoor fairytale wedding under the trees & the stars!

We invite you to take a little look at a few moments of Taylor & Clayton's wedding clipsake!

Cover photo credit: @kelenaswaanphotography

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If you are lucky enough to have a family the size of Gramma Jean, you would celebrate too! 8 children, 31 grandchildren, 47 great grand children + 2 on the way and 1 great great grandchild plus spouses and extended family gathered in Quesnel to celebrate Christmas & time with each other. Stories were told, food was shared, gifts were exchanged & yes, Clipsake cameras where there to capture it all.

We invite you to take a little look at a few moments of Gramma Jean's Family Christmas.

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Introducing Ted!

Ted is a happy laid back guy who can be found walking around Vancouver - yes walking, his latest skill, captured on film by his parents just after his first birthday. So many of his beautiful moments have been captured on film by Ted's parents (read - Mom ;) while spending time at home, with family & exploring his neighbourhood (he prefers anywhere the car doesn't have to take him). So, look for this future 'Car Free Day ' supporter at a coffee shop near you!

We invite you to take a sneak peek at a few moments with the amazing Ted!

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Meet Jen & Simon!

This is the story of Simon & Jen's first wedding anniversary. They have a serious passion for travel and adventure so you will see a lot of their first 10 years together as well. They met in Australia in 2006 and travelled much of the world together until August 2014 when Simon proposed at Norvan Falls, North Vancouver. Jen & Simon don't take themselves too seriously and enjoy hiking the outdoors, taking in local festivals and eating amazing food. They were married August 2015 in both Vancouver BC & Hertfordshire UK and honeymooned in Spain, France & Portugal. They are never afraid of trying something new together. Jen and Simon are now expecting their first baby December 2016 but have no plans to stop travelling. They have years and years of adventure to come!

We invite you to take a little look at a few moments of Jen & Simon's Anniversary video!

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Surrounded by friends & family, we celebrated the unveiling of the Clipsake website and the culmination of lots of hard work & fun. The day featured sunshine, bubbly & handmade pinwheels to bring a turn of good luck!

Everyone was invited to enjoy the outdoors in a local New Westminster park. Despite the day before being rainy and cool, the sun came out in time for their launch event. Because they are a DIY videography business, the day was filmed by 6 different friends who had never seen or used the Clipsake video cameras before. The footage was then edited together by the talented Clipsake editing crew. After a great time in the park, everyone shared food, beer & laughter at a local pub.

We invite you to take a little look at a few moments of the Clipsake website launch party!

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Harold & Allegra are couple now based in Delta, B.C. but their story started in Portland Oregon at Lucky Labrador Brewing Company back in 2009. We’re not sure if it was their shared love of brunch, craft beer or their conversations in Spanish (say anything and it sounds good, right?!), but these two tied the knot at an intimate ceremony performed in Allegra’s sister’s apartment in 2011.

Their shared passion? Travel, spontaneity and long walks which give them the time to make crazy plans together ;) They said it, not us! So, for their wedding celebration, they decided to pack up everything and travel to 28 different countries. They haggled with vigour, drank coffee like water. They frolicked in jungles, pounded pavement in the cities & swam and sailed the seas. These two shared beautiful, spontaneous moments together as newly minted husband & wife and we are so glad to have been part of the journey!

We invite you to take a small peek at a few moments they shared on this adventure of a lifetime!

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